Everyone needs time in their life to rest. The word rest can mean a lot of things. We rest in many ways. Rest can be physical sleep every night, it can mean a nap, it can mean a break from everything you are accountable for, it can mean death.

The rest I’m talking about today is mental rest. We are going to a period in the body of Christ, where some of God’s children are exhausted. Rest doesn’t always indicate that you are in a bad season in your life. You can take rest from good things. For example, the joy of having children and a loving family is bliss for any mother, but sometimes you need rest to recuperate again. When you want to be the best you can be, it requires rest.

Even Jesus rested. The bible says in Mark 4:38, that in the midst of a storm, Jesus rested. The disciples were terrified and even became upset with Jesus because they asked Him ” how can you possibly sleep during this boisterous storm.” You know what Jesus did? He got up, rebuked (corrected) the storm, and TOLD the STORM to rest!! Did you get that? Jesus essentially said, “Listen storm, you are interrupting my physical rest, and the rest of my disciples. So go on and REST. PEACE be still!”

This week, I will be posting scriptures with the word “peace” in it or that has a peaceful message. In this season of rest, feed your spirit with God’s word of promise. We can find so much peace and comfort in His word. Enjoy your week!


Never Alone

Here’s a special post today; that of my friend, Micholyn who has recently lost a loved one. To the individual facing hard times, and to the individual in a happy season, just know that you’re never alone. Thank you Micholyn, and sleep well Miss Michelle

Hi everyone. I’m back.

As with everything in life, sometimes you need to take a break and get right back at it.

Unfortunately, this blog post is from a very somber place today, and as I am writing it, the overwhelmingly sad feeling is coming right back.

On Monday, September 14, I received a call from my sister that I my favourite Aunt had passed away due to the Corona virus. At that moment, I couldn’t even speak. I mean, I knew there was a chance that that would be the end result, but I was still in disbelief.

On Monday, I cried. On Tuesday, I cried some more, had an asthma attack, it was awful. On Wednesday, I got mad. I guess I was really going through the stages of grief.

But, the thing is, I didn’t get mad at the virus, or people who wouldn’t wear masks, or…

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Seven Months Pregnant

Hey family! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far. I pray that God gives you strength to get through the rest of your week. Today’s blog is a little different and here’s why! Remember back in my earlier blogs how I shared with you that God shows me things in my dreams? Well He still does, but this one really caught my attention.

Disclaimer! I’m not pregnant guys! Well not in the way you may be thinking lol. However, in this dream I had a few weeks ago, I was pregnant. A very close friend of mine (In the dream) made me aware that I was. I couldn’t understand why or how she could think that because my stomach was so flat. Usually when a person is 7 months, their stomach is showing. They may not be big but you can definitely tell. No matter how many times I asked if she was sure, she just kept On insisting I was.

I remember even being disappointed in the dream because who doesn’t want the cute baby bump to show the pregnancy right? I mean if it comes with the morning sickness, the swelling, the hormonal mood swings, why not at least have the belly for cute maternity photos😩? Yea that was the millennial in me speaking lol.

To be honest, the following morning when I woke up, I considered getting checked out JUST INCASE lol! I started questioning God like “Are you implying something here Jesus?” Lol. I even started considering the things I may have done to my body in the past 7 months. Was I eating right? Have I ever caused any harm to the area where the baby would have been?

I’ve never had children of my own, but I can imagine that any sensible woman who finds out that they are carrying a baby will want to change negative habits they may have had prior to pregnancy; EVEN IF they didn’t want the child. Because when a woman is pregnant, any harm done to the baby can also harm the woman.

Maybe they would stop smoking, or drinking. Maybe they would be aware of the medication they are taking into their system. Pregnancy (whether expected or not) has a way of changing the way we think. But back to the dream.

It wasn’t until earlier last week that I got the understanding of the dream. There are many parts to it.

I remember God talking to me about the fact that I was disappointed that my belly wasn’t showing. He said to me “so what if you aren’t showing. As long as the baby is in there and doing well, that’s what matters most. He started showing me that many people are pregnant with purpose and gifts, but are upset because the world can’t see them yet. They think they should be “showing by now.”

Have you ever felt that way? Like Lord if I’m pregnant with purpose and I’m anointed but bearing the pain that comes with it, why can’t my fruit show? If I am suffering the morning sickness and uncomfortable kicking and moving in this pregnancy but people can’t see the belly, what good is it? But you know what God is saying? You’re belly showing (for proof of your pregnancy) is not the “fruit” that matters most. It’s the ability to give birth to that baby after all the suffering. Don’t wrap your head around the belly showing, but nourish your gifts and purpose until that baby comes out. Somebody slap your neighbor rii…… ok!

The second important detail in the dream was the number 7. This number is important in many ways. There are some people out there with 7 specific gifts and callings inside. As you read this blog, pray and ask God what are those Seven things. Seven is God’s perfect and divine number. It’s completion. The number seven on this pregnancy signifies a God ordained pregnancy. It’s spiritual.

What is inside of you? As I give birth to what God has called me to, you can do the same. The truth is, we all have things inside of us waiting to be birthed. Books, careers ministries, kingdom building, businesses, families, world changing ideas and more. So again what is inside of you?

The Transition

Lately, I’ve been very vocal on my social media and in my personal life about how I am going through somewhat of a transition. It almost feels like a chapter in a book. It’s like I’m so intrigued to turn the next page sometimes to see what’s on the other side.

In the month of august, I shared with you that it would be a month of new beginnings for me. I’m not quite sure I knew everything that it entailed. I had my mind geared towards spiritual growth only. I figured since God had me on this holistic development of the mind, body and spirit that I would only be tackling the spirit. But to my surprise I was wrong.

Lets back up to earlier this year. I was in a place with my job where I was completely over it and I wanted OUT. I was mentally exhausted and tirelessly being overused. There was so much chaos in the office. I would be doubled booked for patients in my schedule (that would be a mistake on receptions end), but still have to treat both patients at the same time. I would have to work almost an hr later than what I was scheduled and I was already working 11 hr shifts and almost an hr away from home. Because I was the “newish” clinician, I would always have to take the rap for it. There is so much more untold but this is not going to be a complaining forum lol.

Anyway, I had enough of it and I started looking for other jobs. There was a specific company that caught my attention. Ever since I was in Dental hygiene school I was drawn to this company. They had an opening and I decided to apply. I was happy to find out that the regional Hygiene manager liked me and wanted to have an interview. Things were just easily flowing. I thought, wow God, this must be your will. Right before the pandemic, I had a second interview (this time with the dentist, and 2 other managers in the room). Although they really liked me, the dentist thought I wasn’t qualified for the job. I found out weeks later and I literally broke down and BAWLED, okay? BAWLED! I never usually got this disappointed with other turn downs, but I just KNEW in my heart, this one had to be mine. Have you ever had that feeling before? You just know that something is specially designed for you but can’t see how to get there? You feel like everytime you are closer to your promise, something gets in the way?

After that turn down, I just looked to God and said, “Lord let your will be done. Help me to be content in whatever position I am in.”Sometimes you still have something left to do before God can move you.

I eventually learned to love the office I was in. And eventually, God moved the people who were hard to work with and wanted to set me up for failure. 3 of them were fired.

Now, ABOUT THE TRANSITION…this part is where God really blew my mind. Between the time of me being turned down, the pandemic starting up, me being out of work for 2 months WITHOUT pay, God was doing something behind the scene. He blessed my husband and I tremendously (that’s for another blog…lol). But in order for that blessing to come, along with other requirements, I had to be at my job for a certain amount of time. After being blessed in that capacity, God showed up again. About 2 weeks ago, the same job I desired called ME. Did you hear that? Listen family, I am not one to boast; I honestly don’t even consider myself worthy sometimes the way God blesses me, but I have to tell somebody what He has done so they can be strengthened! The company that I wanted to work with, called me back and said they liked my resume and the skills I had. The person on the phone was someone who I never spoke to, but it felt like we knew each other. We ended up skipping the first interview required and went straight to the final one which went very well. I got offered the position within hrs. Isn’t God good?

Ok guys, seriously now, about the TRANSITION lol. I got over one hurdle, but the next part was telling my current job I was leaving. I started getting knots in my stomach because I’ve always been the type to try not to let people down. I felt like I wasn’t being “loyal.” When I did build the courage to tell them, guilt came over me. A lot of things were thrown in my face. “After we did this for you, and we did this.” You’ll quickly learn how people’s hearts are towards you in controversy. Other things were said that made me feel defeated. But thank God for praying friends. I called my friend Tay (blog:, who prayed a PRAYER over me. I instantly felt peace. Later on that day, words of affirmation were spoken directly to me from a stranger! God does that.

What I want you to know is, God considers you in every transition of your life. They aren’t always “smooth.” God He is with you in the process. He says in His word (Isaiah 43: 2, NLT) “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown…” All along He is with you as a guide, father and friend. Trust Him in the transition.

Friday Fuel: Take it Easy

Take it easy. I know we’ve been coming up on some rough times. Financially, mentally, physically, spiritually and it’s all a jumble. But in spite of, you are still here. Take a deep breath, relax. Cry if you have to. Sometimes we go through those stages in life where we just NEED encouragement and for someone to pour back into us. Maybe you’ve been pouring out into others and have depleted all the strength you have left. Here’s something you should know. God has not forgotten you. He is with you. A name that characterizes God is “Emmanuel” which means “God with us.” That means He’s not subject to being present only in heaven, but His spirit fills the entire universe. Yes, He is with YOU. He hasn’t forgotten you. Today I’m sharing a short blog just for you. Take in every word. Take the next few days moment by moment. Focus on the now and find your peace in every second it carries. Happy Friday!

Feng Shui

A few weeks ago my friend and I went grocery shopping. The grocery store that we went to had a floral section with all types of plants. I told her that I had been wanting to add some greenery to my house. This was because someone had given me a plant a month ago and I fell in love with caring for it. I liked the feeling of nurturing something.When my friend and I got to the plants section I got so excited! I wanted something simple, pretty and low maintenance.

Amidst all the plants I saw, I found a really “leafy” one with the branches intertwined. I saw that it was called a “money tree” and brings “good fortune.” That honestly didn’t grab my attention though. It was just how cool the plant itself looked. I bought it and brought it home. That night when I was going to bed, I heard the word “feng shui (pronounced fung shwey)” in my spirit. I thought to myself, “feng shui?” As I went to my room, the meaning came to me. Feng shui is commonly intertwined with the word balance when one is referring to rooms. I felt as if a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that the plant I bought was commonly used by people looking for “feng shui/ balance and positive energy in their home or office space.If you’re like me, you probably watch a lot of interior designing.  You’ll often hear the designer use the term “feng shui”. They talk about how items in a room should be balanced. Meaning if you have 2 flower pots on a table and one is too far back while the other is too far in front, it throws the “balance” off. If you have certain elements near each other that weren’t supposed to be (earth, metals, wood, etc) it could affect the energy in your room. I didn’t realize until that night how deep this thing was. Some people really can’t function when something in the room is off “balance.” 
Disclaimer: I am not one who studies feng shui or really spends time in creating “balance” in my home. So the fact that all the pieces of a puzzle I was unfamiliar with came together, meant that I needed to understand something. That night before bed, I renounced every tradition and balance ritual this kind of plant was commonly intended for. I placed it right on my window sill and went to bed. 

Some people may have returned the plant, or even go as far as burning it (to each his own). But I know WHO created the plant and WHO is bigger than any ritual, practice, law, or ancient tradition. Jesus is all I need to keep me balanced and give me peace. Trust me, I would have lost it a long time ago if He wasn’t what was keeping me.

To the person reading this blog searching for something or someone to give you peace, I promise you that Jesus Christ can give you what you’re looking for. In fact, the bible says “He IS the prince of peace.” (Isaiah 9:6-7 KJV) I know I mention Jesus in just about every blog (irrevocable church girl, I know) but I can only offer YOU what helps ME. I’ve also met someone who shared her personal story about transitioning from new age to Christianity. In her video, she shares her personal experiences with Feng shui and other practices she’d previously followed. I will attach her video down below. Thank you Marissa for sharing your experience with us and allowing me to share it as well!

Heart Check

Happy new month guys! We made it. Thank you for also stopping by to read another blog! We are in the eight month of the year and eight means “new beginnings.” New beginnings can  signify many things, but for me (in this specific season), it’s going to be a spiritual refresh. Last month was hectic (in good ways). My best friend got married (Shout out to the Charltons). Another set of my close friends got married (much love to the Solomons.) My birthday was also last month and many other exciting things happened. In the midst of all that, God had really been teaching me about taking care of the “total person: spiritual, physical, mental/emotional). I did a blog post last month on body detoxes and why they are good for you. Check it out for good detox ideas.

Even though July had been a good month, there were bumps and hurdles here and there; things to test my faith, but God brought me through them. On the week of my birthday, God spoke to me about checking my heart. I was entering a new chapter of my life and I had to with a healthy heart; which leads to what I wanna discuss today.

Valentine's Day: Why the heart icon looks nothing like a human organ

Now for my “question of the day”: When you hear the word heart what comes to your mind? Do you think of it’s anatomical function; the way it operates in the physical body? Or do you think of “feelings” or “emotion?”  Growing up, I always thought the human heart was exactly how we see it on a Valentine’s Day card: a bright cherry red figure with the 2 rounded tops connected, and pointy bottom (the love symbol). I thought that my feelings were actually coming from my physical heart. The heart anciently has been known as the center of all emotions. Whenever a person “ feels someway about someone or something, it’s traditionally said to be “coming from the heart.” When a person expresses how they’re feeling, “ they speak from the heart.” Even though our emotions come from the brain, adrenaline caused by anger, fear or love can cause our heart to pump harder.  Today we will talk about the “heart” based on this premise.

Every now and then it’s good to do a “heart check.” Ask yourself How is my heart feeling towards people around me and towards situations I might currently be facing? When something doesn’t go your way or someone does you wrong, what is your reaction?

The devil plays on the posture of your heart. He knows when you are bitter, angry, happy, emotional, etc. So he will use fitting situations to mess with you. He comes to steal, kill and destroy, but that doesn’t mean he will always take an aggressive approach. For example, the devil likes to “magnify” things. He makes the smallest things seem SO BIG. Someone could have innocently passed you without saying good morning, but because your heart is in a bitter place, it seems like a personal offense. You begin disliking the person or saying why he or she is envious of you. Check your heart right there. The devil will boldly lie in your face and make you believe that something so absurd is true, check your heart again. He will make you feel like everyone is against you (even though some actually may be), check your heart. He comes to divide, break up and destroy good things whether that be your focus, your relationships, your business and just about anything. The way you respond to him determines where your heart is.

So De’Shanti, how do I go about checking my heart? Well I’ll tell you. Start reading the bible a little more. I know that sounds cliche. If you grew up in a Caribbean Christian home and you told your parents about any struggle you were facing, they would have said “Guh read yuh bible” lol. But seriously, it applies to this situation, I promise! The bible says in Psalms 119:9 (KJV) Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. So the bible can literally help you with words of wisdom that can correct the condition of you heart. It’s a beautiful thing when you can read a story from the old testament, or an epistle from the new testament and see yourself in that literature. Meditating on God’s word keeps you alert and gives you peace.

We all can admit to falling off from reading the word sometimes. It can be due to distractions, being busy with life, etc. The fact of the matter is, we NEED the word of God in our hearts to shed light on our path and to help us cleanse our ways. We can find ourselves in some dirty situations when our heart gets out of control. The word of God will purify our hearts and make us better people.

Detox Ideas 💡

Hey family ! So I mentioned in my last blog that I would share detox waters and other things that helped me. So here they are!

1.) Cucumber water

  • anti inflammatory agents
  • helps with weight loss
  • keeps internal and external body hydrated
  • antioxidant agents

2.) Strawberry Mint and Cucumber Water

strawberries are high in vitamin C, and fiber,

Mint has anti inflammatory agents and also is good for soothing the bowels. It is full of nutrients, it promotes digestion and relieves the feeling of fatigue.

You can also add lemons or lime if you’d like.

3.) Lemon water

This is one of my most used detox waters. It’s good to have hot lemon water first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to get things moving in your body. It also serves as a rich antioxidant drink. You can add Apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper for more benefits and a kick of flavor.

Glass Of Water Lemon, Zest And Lemon And Ice Stock Photo, Picture ...


In a perfect world, life would flow the way we want it to all the time. We would blissfully wake up in the morning, plan out our day, do what’s required  of us, enjoy our down time, spend time with family and friends, go to bed, get back up and start all over again. We would smile and everything would be ok. Nothing would break or ruin our routine; things would just flow. We would have holistic wellness all the time… in a perfect world.

But reality is, life doesn’t always work as smoothly as we want it to, when we want it to. This can be for many reasons. Things happen! But we as people also have our factors we play. We tend to get burned out or even slow down. There can be many contributors to this. Whether something is repetitive, or we’ve lost interest, or we are simply exhausted, somewhere along the line our balance is off. I want to focus on exhaustion today. 

When we feel exhausted, our body is usually talking to us. Here’s something I’ve learned: when every part of what makes up a person (physical, mental, spiritual, social) is well, the person is holistically well. Just because a person isn’t sick, doesn’t mean they are well on a holistic scheme. Sometimes the mind is in an unhealthy or exhausted state. Sometimes our spiritual life is too. We should strive to make an equal amount of time for all parts of ourselves. Learn to take breaks. But anyways, that’s for another blog post.

More times than not, our physical wellness is the issue. Overexerting ourselves can cause the body to be tired. However, a lot of times it’s the things we consume that slow us down. For me personally, this was the case. 

I had been off for 2 months from my job during the pandemic. While I was home, I had more time to cook my own food, clear my mind, body, and spirit. I was able to unload in my space and before God. Then May came rolling around, and a lot of things started picking back up in my life again. A lot of restarts and new beginnings. For one, when I started working again, I would get up early in the mornings. I went back to drinking coffee. I started loading up on junk to get me through the  day.  I drank less water because I was so busy at work. Before I knew it. I was retaining unwanted weight, and feeling so sluggish. On my days off, whenever I tried getting work done around the house, 30 min breaks turned into 1hr -2hr breaks. 

In my very first blog, I shared with my readers that God talks to me through dreams. Sometimes, I get those dreams and I immediately know to pray for others. Sometimes God shows me things that end up happening. Other times, He talks to me, about ME. In the dream, I held a big clear vase full of water. There was a lady assisting other people. She seemed to be some type of specialist. She gave me something to test the water I had inside the vase. When I poured the solution in the water (vinegar and witch hazel), the water turned black.) I STILL tried using the water but I quickly wised up and took heed to the fact that I couldn’t operate like that anymore. When I woke up, I immediately knew what to do. God told me to do a detox for my body. A lot of times, we think of God as one who only cares about our spiritual beings. While it is an important factor, He cares a lot about our physical body. If we don’t take the time to cleanse our bodies, we won’t function the way He created us to.

In my next blog, I’ll share some ways I chose to detox my body and what helped. I’ll tell you though, it evidently changed the way I functioned. In just one week, my thoughts were clear, I had more energy and felt happier.

I encourage you to take time for YOU. You can only help others as much as you help yourself. Slow down and figure out what part of you needs the detox: mental, spiritual, physical or social. We are in the second half of a hectic, trying, crazy year. As we pick back up, let’s do it the right way. Time to detox!

What’s In My Cup

I have been battling to post this blog for a while now but today is the day. Someone out there needs it. May that someone find this blog. 

I’m not the average “drinker” or wine and alcohol specialist, but I’ve often heard and sometimes have used the term, “what’s in my cup stays in my cup.” It’s a way of jokingly saying mind your business when you don’t want people to know what you’re drinking, or you want them to be in suspense. Those people may have an idea that you’re drinking, but they don’t know for sure. They’ll most likely assume it’s something really “strong.”
As silly and simple as that phrase sounds, it can leave an unwanted lingering trace of curiosity in someone’s mind. 

You all know my mind couldn’t simply stop there. I always have to think deeper…thanks a lot brain. As each individual goes through life, we experience many things. These things shape us into the person we become. Whether we like the sound of that or not, it’s true. 

You may have been raised in a household that doesn’t eat meat so initially when you come across a person eating curried goat or oxtails (me) then you would think they are strange. That’s ok. You might see someone who is absolutely optimistic and happy about everything that comes their way, while you may be more of a realist because your parents told you that life isn’t always peaches and roses, it gets tough. That’s also ok. That’s what makes each individual special; we are all different.

Here is where things are not ok. Someone was  physically abused or saw their mom endure physical abuse from their dad, so they grow up with trust issues. Someone else may have been abandoned or given up for adoption so now they feel like they are not worth anything. Maybe someone was lied on CONSTANTLY, so now their inner voice and defense system is gone.

There is an invisible cup that your heart carries. In instances like these, that cup is filled with rejection and lack of trust, no self worth and bitterness. These are all things that make your “drink” bitter and poisonous. You think you’re keeping it private because “What’s in your cup, stays in your cup” right? Wrong. 

Sooner or later, actions start to indicate what’s really in that cup. Time tells all things. You can differentiate a person drinking water versus a person drinking alcohol. Someone sipping on wine throughout the night or “downing” bottle after bottle of liquor soon starts to act differently. They may become more aggressive, or start laughing a lot. Some might say silly things or even vomit if it’s too much for their system to handle.

That’s exactly what happens when you drink from a bitter cup. Your actions will show what was really “in your cup.” Because of the abuse you endured, you can’t allow anyone who is willing to love you, to do so. Because of being constantly put down and humiliated, it’s hard to accept compliments or even corrections when done in love. You retaliate a lot easier than someone who doesn’t have a cup full of hurt, rejection, painful memories, anger and the list goes on.

I was like that. Until one day, I told someone “what was in my cup.” I’ve been liberated ever since. That same man is going around asking “what’s in your cup.” When He comes by, don’t only tell Him, but give it to Him. His name is Jesus. Sounds so cliche but it’s factual. He said to His Father that in-spite of how He felt, He would still drink from that bitter cup. THAT cup was full of sin. It was so bitter. So dirty and bad tasting. But he was the only one found worthy to drink it. Because He was worthy, He is still going around taking bitter drinks and giving out good ones instead. In that drink, there is love, healing , peace and everything you’ll need for repairing your heart. I don’t know who you are or where you are but I’m asking you today on God’s behalf, what’s in your cup?