Hello, my name is De’Shanti Alexia Genus. I was a person who used to be ashamed of my name. I didn’t like the complexity of it. Until one day I looked up what it meant. DE’ means “give” in hindu, and “from” in french. Shanti means “peace” in hindu. My mission on earth is to spread peace to everyone in need of it by the inspiration of Jesus Christ our God.

I am young and married to my best friend and number one supporter, Tenoy Genus. This Strong and talented man has been my partner in exploring life and Im excited to find new things with him. We have been married for a year and some change. We’ve known each other since we were 8.

I am a dental hygienist by profession and graduate of the Fones School of Dental hygiene at the University of Bridgeport. Being the only child for my parents, and also the first generation in my family to attend college was a bit pressuring, but very rewarding. It came with a lot of responsibilities. What motivated me most though was knowing that I had a family who loved me and was depending on me to make it through.  I always studied and always strived to do my best.

Other than the dental side of me, I enjoy listening to music, singing, writing poems, listening to spoken words. Music has always been a passion of mine. I sing on my church choir, and also sing background for plenty of local and international singers.  Over the years I have taken music courses. I took a music theory class piano lessons, Jazz singing lessons, and basic singing lessons. Im also very active in my church. I love working with the children and I love doing mission trips.

One thing I would say about my self is that I am not a quitter. Though I am constantly faced with challenges, I find that  I learn best from them. I love when I am able to look back and feel the feeling of conquering something that used to be so hard.