6 things Ive learned by 26

Hey family! I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been away for a time but I want to share some things I’ve learned in the time.


When someone is dealing with an issue or celebrating a win, and starts telling you, it’s best to listen to them. And I mean really HEAR what they are saying. Sometimes your social cues in the conversation are not all it takes for them to know you care. For example, eye contact, nodding your heading, facial expressions, lessening your distractions while they talk. There are times when they need something more; give them advice/congratulate them without bringing in YOU in the equation.


You can apply this to any mountain of influence in for life (family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business [finance, economy] and government). When you invest in something, you take time to care for, water, replenish, pour into it. Don’t just speak love, but take time for your family & loved ones. Do physical financial investments and watch your money grow, not just sit (that’s for another blog post.) Invest in your walk with your God (spiritual wellness). Jesus wants to be apart of everything you do in life. Which leads me to my next lesson.


This was the most recent lesson. In every thing you do, put God in it. You tend to be more successful that way. Whats the sense of building on a foundation that has no stability? That’s what we do when we take things into our hands. Would you want to build a house from the ground up and by the time you get to the roof, you realize that the foundation is poor?


No matter what your position in life is, you need breaks. With a regular 9-5 job, by law you should be given a break by your employer. So in any area of your life, this same principle should apply. If you want to be successful at any task, you have to step back, regroup and come back again.


This was a tough one for me honestly. I can be so forgiving with others and be hard on myself. I don’t like feeling as though I have failed someone or at something. But I’ve also learned that if I stay down in the slumps, ill go deeper and deeper in that hole. The quicker I took to dust myself off and get up again, the faster or easier the test became. My 10 month old daughter is learning to walk. If she fell and decided never to get up again because she failed, she would never walk.


I’d say this is the most personal and ongoing lesson I’m learning. I’ve always hated confrontation. I’ve seen in some instances where it broke relationships. However, I’ve learned that the lack of confronting an issue can make matters even worse. It’s like not even trying. This week alone I had a situation going on at my job that made me very frustrated. I usually am good at hiding how I feel. However, It was the end of another busy work day. I had one more patient for the day and I told myself I can hold it and just keep moving. however, the HolySpirit told me to go address the issue in the moment. So I spoke to all the individuals I needed to. They all understood my frustration and apologized. It made everything so much better. Don’t be afraid to respectfully speak on what you are feeling, to avoid confusion.

Was that helpful? I hope so! May this next chapter in your life be a full and productive one

Love, Shanti ❤


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