The Good Father: This Is Love

Yesterday was my first day back to work since having my baby girl. I wasn’t supposed to go back so soon, but another office (not my normal work office) needed help. I figured since Ted is off and both our parents are free, I could go help. I honestly don’t think I was as ready as I had made myself to believe. Nevertheless, the work day was good and I came home. I had set a goal for myself to come home, finish editing some content, and tend to my baby. However, things don’t always go as planned.

Janelle (my baby) had been trying to poop since Saturday and was having a hard time. I know… TMI, but I’m going somewhere with this. When I came home she had just finished eating. When I had asked the infamous and redundant question, I just got a disappointing no.

Later on in the night as I was editing content, my husband fell asleep on me and Janelle was in my arms fast asleep. I took that picture and thought to myself “wow I’m officially in motherhood.” A deep surge of emotion came over me. I thought that was it. I couldn’t be more in love than this. Little did I know, I would have another incredible moment a few hrs later.

So currently fam, it is 3:30 in the morning. Like I mentioned before, Janelle had been constipated since late Saturday. We had tried every method expect for one I was running from because of my own mommy fears. But finally, I pulled up my big girl socks and did it. I dosed off, but I remember breastfeeding around 2am and hearing Janelle start to poop. Immediately my husband jumped up because this is the moment we were waiting for! I can’t believe I’m saying this lol! We were so happy over poop 🤣.

Although she was pooping she was clearly in discomfort. Janelle isn’t a fussy baby at all. So to see her squirming and crying broke my heart. I lost all the sleep in my eyes. At that moment, Tenoy and I went into parent mode and did everything we could to help our baby girl. Even though it hurt me to see her like that, I felt a deep love and needed to do my best to help her.

This reminds me of Jesus. We know He loves us regardless of good or bad times. But in the bad times, He’s able to do a little bit more. He said in our weakness, His strength is perfect. Meaning when we are weak, we can rely on His strength. When we are in trouble and cry out to our God, He tries His best to put us at ease. Gods love for you is so deep. He has a parental love for all His children.

He loves the 3:30 am moments in our lives when we NEED Him. He loves when He gets to wrap His arms around us. I’m here to tell you this morning that Jesus loves you. He’s here to set you free. Just trust Him. Let Him have His way.


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