Spiritual wellness

Today while at work I thought to myself, why not take care of the “whole man” — the whole well being. I’m a dental hygienist and yearly I have to pay for my license if I want to practice legally. I have to take CE COURSES to keep up with the changes and flow of dental practice and medicine. If I profess to be Christian, why not keep up with these standards too? Read the Bible, learn and follow the trends of God’s spirit. After all, this is too apart of the whole mans’ well being. Spiritual wellness is important. No matter how you choose to feed and nurture your spirit, ultimately the Word of God is what will help you best. I’m not being bias either. Try reading a scripture a day with comprehension and see the difference it makes in your week. The Word of God is like an anchor. When life tosses you to and fro (physically mentally and spiritually), the Word of God is the anchor to keep you a float.


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