The Bigger Picture: Pregnancy Edition

Hey guys I know it’s been a while. A lot has gone on between now and the last post but I’ll spare the dramatics! If you don’t know by now, I’m pregnant! 🤗 It has really been a journey. Today I’m officially in my 3rd trimester so I’m on the last lap. There has been a lot of ups and downs but it’s been beautiful.

“Claimer” I’m pregnant guys! Lol I wrote that because in a post I wrote back in September last year called “7 months pregnant”, I started off the second paragraph by saying “disclaimer! I’m not pregnant guys!” I thought this would be a good segway into what I wanted to talk about. By the way, if you haven’t read that post, I recommend reading it for this post to make a little more sense.

So in a nutshell, the post discussed a spiritual or figurative pregnancy. I was 7 months pregnant in a dream I had but I wasn’t “showing”, so I doubted that I was pregnant. The dream meant that people often doubt their potential or purpose they are pregnant with because they feel as though it isn’t showing the way they’d want it to. It was a very powerful dream and that post will always be a reminder for me to push past what eyes can see and live in my purpose anyways.

In today’s post however I wanna be completely transparent about my physical pregnancy. Maybe there are women out there also expecting or women who desire to be pregnant one day. This post is for you.

Just like in my “7 months pregnant post”, I faced a lot of insecurities. On the contrary, it wasn’t about how little I was, but how “big.” I was always concerned about weight gain in the beginning because of a comments people made innocently. “Wow you’ve gained weight since last seeing you” or “your face is getting fat”. All of them I took with smiles but inside it was hard. I even did my own self defeat. “Didn’t you just eat?” Or “your not even far along yet and gaining so much weight.”

I quickly had to snap out of this habit. The truth is, whether I liked it or not, I (like any other expecting mother) would have to gain weight. It comes along with the package of pregnancy. Not to mention the other many ways your body experiences change. That’ll be another post.

It’s dangerous to fall into— and STAY into— the trap of down talking yourself, or accepting every negative word in this time. First and foremost, things are transferable. What I am about to say, many people may not believe or understand but believe me when I say, the baby can feel what you feel. Words of self defeat can transfer to your unborn baby. God corrected me on many occasions. Even past weight gain, I faced many mental attacks. Some were hormonal, but some were deeper than that. Some things I said, God had to tell me to immediately pluck those things up and out. Let me be clear, no matter how confident and and “Christian” you are, you still need God’s help and direction in order to make it through effectively.

Can I tell you something? The devil sees when there is potential. Where there is life, there is potential. Your baby is not just “your baby.” God is bringing them into the world for a reason and that’s the reason you must be so aware of what you say or accept. Don’t speak negative things over yourself or your baby. And don’t accept any and everything from people. Be sensitive spiritually. Did you know that some people feel rejection from the womb? It’s starts from there because the enemy knows that as far back in retrospect as he can take pain and brokenness, can make it harder to get full freedom.

So expecting moms, moms who have already given birth, and moms who someday will give birth, be alert! This is the time you wanna get spiritually intuned. And not just with yourself but with God! He will show you things that you’d never see on your own. It’s not too late.

Just remember, pregnancy isn’t really about you. It can be hard to take the main focus off yourself image when that’s all you’ve done your whole life. But you’re now growing a human inside of you. God is depending on you to take care of yourself in more ways than looks because this baby is dependent on it. Eat right, speak right, think and meditate on positive and good things. And remember, keep God in your pregnancy! I’ll be posting videos soon, so we’ll talk more about the subject before our baby girl gets here! You got this mama! Remember,your precious baby is the bigger picture. ❤️


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