I’m Busy

Have you ever had a time in your life where you felt like you could barely breathe because of how busy you were? You’re tending to work, or maybe school, along with staying up to date with your social and personal life. Maybe you’re running a business as well as keeping a house and/or family in order. Whatever you’re responsible for, there are times where we all get burned out.

I had many moments like that at the end of December and early into the new year. However last week, I experienced the flip side of that.

I had some free time in the evenings after work and I really wanted to hang out with my friends. My husband and I were planning to double date with our close friends. I was really excited since I haven’t done something like that in a while.

Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to make it a because she’s pursuing her master’s degree as a speech pathologist and she’s always loaded with homework and assignments. I honestly wouldn’t want her to miss out on her assignments or getting well deserved grades, so I understood. Her husband also had a load of work to get done, which I also understood.

The next day, I wanted to hang out with another close friend of mine, but she also was occupied with so many important responsibilities that she couldn’t avoid.

I was disappointed because I really wanted to use my free time. But then I started thinking; how many times do we disappoint God because we are “busy.” More times than not, we miss out on great opportunities because of how “busy we are.” I’m guilty big time.

That weekend I decided to go on a date with God. Sounds funny I know. I drove to the park, meditated on His Word (Bible) and talked to Him. But it really doesn’t take all of that. All He needs is time out of the day for a prayer or a moment of silence with Him.

It helped me too. I felt so much better than if I would have went out with my closest friends. And trust me, we always have a good time together, but when you’re with God, it’s a different feeling.

Following my date with God, I got to hang out with my friends and my husband. It was like I needed to not be busy for Him first..

Take some time this week to hang out with God. Do what works for you. Cry, walk, jump, exercise, pray, get away, run, etc. It makes a difference in how your week flow.

If you don’t have a relationship with Him, or may be thinking you’re the “Religious type”, just give it a try. You’ll be surprised how different you’ll feel.


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