Delayed, not denied

Hey family, it’s been a while. Life caught up with me, never the less I attained some interesting experiences within the time frame of my last post and now. This post in itself was delayed. Though I really can’t complain, because God has been good to me.
Going way back to November, I can attest that it was a challenging month for me mentally. There were so many delays and setbacks. Number one and most pertinent for me; my book launch. For those who don’t follow me on social media, I WROTE A BOOK called “From Daith to Favor”!! 😁😁🙌🏾. It was published mid October and was scheduled to be launched November 7th. I was nervous but completely excited because that weight would be off my chest. When November came however, the publishing company I worked with, made me aware that my book wouldn’t be ready by then. I was disappointed at first because I built with the pandemic going on, I wasn’t sure if there would be a lock down again and I wanted to have a book launch. The date that I proposed to reschedule it for ended up not working either. The day before I had to cancel it again.

Another thing that was delayed was me getting my car. My old car was going (that was my fault I must confess), and I needed one for work. Throughout the month of November, I had to get rides to work or borrow others’ cars. I was frustrated because I hate to inconvenience people.
throughout all of this (other things happened in November) God showed me that things being delayed are not “ NOs” from Him. It doesn’t mean we won’t get it. In fact we KNOW we will. But we can’t see how. As people who God created to have dominion, it’s against our human nature to feel like we have no control. I know that sounds a little arrogant but perpend it. He made us to have dominion, but sin messed that up. But from eden until now, we have never lost the sensation of wanting to have control over our lives.

More prominent than the temporal delays I experienced, were the spiritual ones. Not hearing God right away can be frustrating, but He isn’t always denying you in silence. Sometimes he’s watching you and observing what you will do next.

To anyone reading this and you feel like you are getting no where; maybe you are looking for a job, a car, house, promotion, or even your purpose. Guess what, delays is not denial. Your answer is on the way. Soon it will make sense.

Fast forward to the first day of 2021. I am revisiting this post that I started writing early December. I’m just reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned throughout November and December. I can honestly say that through these didactic experiences, delay isn’t denial. I’ve experienced something absolutely beautiful at the end of the year that was worth the “delay” and I’ll tell you exactly what i mean in future posts 😉! Will you come with me through this blog journey of 2021?

Let’s say this in this here year of 2021, delay is not denied!


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