Last night, my husband and I were talking about a night out a few weeks back. We went out for our friend’s birthday for bowling (shout out to Aldaine lol). It was a large group so we split up in 3 teams. Disclaimer! I am not the best bowler, and probably not the first one you’ll want to put on your team lol. But most of my friends are great at bowling and very serious about winning too lol. That night I just happened to be on the most competitive team (a team of all men). Not to mention, the birthday boy was on my team and IS THE MOST competitive man I know lol (no offense bro 🤣). AND my husband was on my team is is also low key competitive 😂. Like why would they do that to me😂? LOL. In my head I’m thinking (I’m done for now). But I still accepted the challenge and played. During most of the first game, I got a bunch of gutter balls or hit a few pins down, but never a strike or spare. I felt so much pressure because I know they’ll be watching me and they are depending on me to do my best.
It’s important to realize this; everyone in life will experience pressure at some point, we can’t change that. However, we have the power to control how we deal with it. When you feel pressure, use it for your good.

Had I kept telling myself I’ll never be good or hit one ball, or didn’t play, I would’ve never gotten better. I was shown what I was doing wrong, and I got to learn from the best (alright calm down, don’t let it get to the head if y’all are reading this lol). I also got to be the cheerleader lol because they are so used to winning that, they don’t make a sound when they are not doing their best. Sigh*, MEN! This is why a woman needs to always be on their team lol. EVEN with the worst player, we came in second place and only lost by 6 points.

On a more serious note, apply pressure for your good. If you’re at work and there is a heavy work load on you, tell yourself, “to whom much is given much is required”. Most of the time, nothing “good” in life comes easy. You have to face pressure and go through hard challenges. I’m not saying to sit there and take every punch of the devil, but when you look at things differently, it’s makes the devil confused. Has anyone ever stood behind a door you were standing in front of, and tried pushing it? They would push so hard, but if you were to move, they would go flying. That’s the how the devil goes flying when he applies pressure and you just unexpectedly move out the way. You confused him.

No one likes pressure. ONLY in this case, do I classify as that “no one” lol. Pressure often makes you feel like you can’t breathe or like you are stifling. But remember, it can always be for your good. Keep on pushing through school, through testing, through fasting, through exercising. Look at your end goal. It will be worth it in the end

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