Everyone needs time in their life to rest. The word rest can mean a lot of things. We rest in many ways. Rest can be physical sleep every night, it can mean a nap, it can mean a break from everything you are accountable for, it can mean death.

The rest I’m talking about today is mental rest. We are going to a period in the body of Christ, where some of God’s children are exhausted. Rest doesn’t always indicate that you are in a bad season in your life. You can take rest from good things. For example, the joy of having children and a loving family is bliss for any mother, but sometimes you need rest to recuperate again. When you want to be the best you can be, it requires rest.

Even Jesus rested. The bible says in Mark 4:38, that in the midst of a storm, Jesus rested. The disciples were terrified and even became upset with Jesus because they asked Him ” how can you possibly sleep during this boisterous storm.” You know what Jesus did? He got up, rebuked (corrected) the storm, and TOLD the STORM to rest!! Did you get that? Jesus essentially said, “Listen storm, you are interrupting my physical rest, and the rest of my disciples. So go on and REST. PEACE be still!”

This week, I will be posting scriptures with the word “peace” in it or that has a peaceful message. In this season of rest, feed your spirit with God’s word of promise. We can find so much peace and comfort in His word. Enjoy your week!

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