Seven Months Pregnant

Hey family! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far. I pray that God gives you strength to get through the rest of your week. Today’s blog is a little different and here’s why! Remember back in my earlier blogs how I shared with you that God shows me things in my dreams? Well He still does, but this one really caught my attention.

Disclaimer! I’m not pregnant guys! Well not in the way you may be thinking lol. However, in this dream I had a few weeks ago, I was pregnant. A very close friend of mine (In the dream) made me aware that I was. I couldn’t understand why or how she could think that because my stomach was so flat. Usually when a person is 7 months, their stomach is showing. They may not be big but you can definitely tell. No matter how many times I asked if she was sure, she just kept On insisting I was.

I remember even being disappointed in the dream because who doesn’t want the cute baby bump to show the pregnancy right? I mean if it comes with the morning sickness, the swelling, the hormonal mood swings, why not at least have the belly for cute maternity photos😩? Yea that was the millennial in me speaking lol.

To be honest, the following morning when I woke up, I considered getting checked out JUST INCASE lol! I started questioning God like “Are you implying something here Jesus?” Lol. I even started considering the things I may have done to my body in the past 7 months. Was I eating right? Have I ever caused any harm to the area where the baby would have been?

I’ve never had children of my own, but I can imagine that any sensible woman who finds out that they are carrying a baby will want to change negative habits they may have had prior to pregnancy; EVEN IF they didn’t want the child. Because when a woman is pregnant, any harm done to the baby can also harm the woman.

Maybe they would stop smoking, or drinking. Maybe they would be aware of the medication they are taking into their system. Pregnancy (whether expected or not) has a way of changing the way we think. But back to the dream.

It wasn’t until earlier last week that I got the understanding of the dream. There are many parts to it.

I remember God talking to me about the fact that I was disappointed that my belly wasn’t showing. He said to me “so what if you aren’t showing. As long as the baby is in there and doing well, that’s what matters most. He started showing me that many people are pregnant with purpose and gifts, but are upset because the world can’t see them yet. They think they should be “showing by now.”

Have you ever felt that way? Like Lord if I’m pregnant with purpose and I’m anointed but bearing the pain that comes with it, why can’t my fruit show? If I am suffering the morning sickness and uncomfortable kicking and moving in this pregnancy but people can’t see the belly, what good is it? But you know what God is saying? You’re belly showing (for proof of your pregnancy) is not the “fruit” that matters most. It’s the ability to give birth to that baby after all the suffering. Don’t wrap your head around the belly showing, but nourish your gifts and purpose until that baby comes out. Somebody slap your neighbor rii…… ok!

The second important detail in the dream was the number 7. This number is important in many ways. There are some people out there with 7 specific gifts and callings inside. As you read this blog, pray and ask God what are those Seven things. Seven is God’s perfect and divine number. It’s completion. The number seven on this pregnancy signifies a God ordained pregnancy. It’s spiritual.

What is inside of you? As I give birth to what God has called me to, you can do the same. The truth is, we all have things inside of us waiting to be birthed. Books, careers ministries, kingdom building, businesses, families, world changing ideas and more. So again what is inside of you?


  1. Shawnette says:

    I love this. I had a vision about purpose two days ago and reading your post just gave me my confirmation.

    Continue to walk in your purpose Shanti


    1. PeaceForThought says:

      Amen, to God be the glory! I’m so glad it helped. God bless you!


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