Friday Fuel: Take it Easy

Take it easy. I know we’ve been coming up on some rough times. Financially, mentally, physically, spiritually and it’s all a jumble. But in spite of, you are still here. Take a deep breath, relax. Cry if you have to. Sometimes we go through those stages in life where we just NEED encouragement and for someone to pour back into us. Maybe you’ve been pouring out into others and have depleted all the strength you have left. Here’s something you should know. God has not forgotten you. He is with you. A name that characterizes God is “Emmanuel” which means “God with us.” That means He’s not subject to being present only in heaven, but His spirit fills the entire universe. Yes, He is with YOU. He hasn’t forgotten you. Today I’m sharing a short blog just for you. Take in every word. Take the next few days moment by moment. Focus on the now and find your peace in every second it carries. Happy Friday!

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