Heart Check

Happy new month guys! We made it. Thank you for also stopping by to read another blog! We are in the eight month of the year and eight means “new beginnings.” New beginnings can  signify many things, but for me (in this specific season), it’s going to be a spiritual refresh. Last month was hectic (in good ways). My best friend got married (Shout out to the Charltons). Another set of my close friends got married (much love to the Solomons.) My birthday was also last month and many other exciting things happened. In the midst of all that, God had really been teaching me about taking care of the “total person: spiritual, physical, mental/emotional). I did a blog post last month on body detoxes and why they are good for you. Check it out for good detox ideas.

Even though July had been a good month, there were bumps and hurdles here and there; things to test my faith, but God brought me through them. On the week of my birthday, God spoke to me about checking my heart. I was entering a new chapter of my life and I had to with a healthy heart; which leads to what I wanna discuss today.

Valentine's Day: Why the heart icon looks nothing like a human organ

Now for my “question of the day”: When you hear the word heart what comes to your mind? Do you think of it’s anatomical function; the way it operates in the physical body? Or do you think of “feelings” or “emotion?”  Growing up, I always thought the human heart was exactly how we see it on a Valentine’s Day card: a bright cherry red figure with the 2 rounded tops connected, and pointy bottom (the love symbol). I thought that my feelings were actually coming from my physical heart. The heart anciently has been known as the center of all emotions. Whenever a person “ feels someway about someone or something, it’s traditionally said to be “coming from the heart.” When a person expresses how they’re feeling, “ they speak from the heart.” Even though our emotions come from the brain, adrenaline caused by anger, fear or love can cause our heart to pump harder.  Today we will talk about the “heart” based on this premise.

Every now and then it’s good to do a “heart check.” Ask yourself How is my heart feeling towards people around me and towards situations I might currently be facing? When something doesn’t go your way or someone does you wrong, what is your reaction?

The devil plays on the posture of your heart. He knows when you are bitter, angry, happy, emotional, etc. So he will use fitting situations to mess with you. He comes to steal, kill and destroy, but that doesn’t mean he will always take an aggressive approach. For example, the devil likes to “magnify” things. He makes the smallest things seem SO BIG. Someone could have innocently passed you without saying good morning, but because your heart is in a bitter place, it seems like a personal offense. You begin disliking the person or saying why he or she is envious of you. Check your heart right there. The devil will boldly lie in your face and make you believe that something so absurd is true, check your heart again. He will make you feel like everyone is against you (even though some actually may be), check your heart. He comes to divide, break up and destroy good things whether that be your focus, your relationships, your business and just about anything. The way you respond to him determines where your heart is.

So De’Shanti, how do I go about checking my heart? Well I’ll tell you. Start reading the bible a little more. I know that sounds cliche. If you grew up in a Caribbean Christian home and you told your parents about any struggle you were facing, they would have said “Guh read yuh bible” lol. But seriously, it applies to this situation, I promise! The bible says in Psalms 119:9 (KJV) Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. So the bible can literally help you with words of wisdom that can correct the condition of you heart. It’s a beautiful thing when you can read a story from the old testament, or an epistle from the new testament and see yourself in that literature. Meditating on God’s word keeps you alert and gives you peace.

We all can admit to falling off from reading the word sometimes. It can be due to distractions, being busy with life, etc. The fact of the matter is, we NEED the word of God in our hearts to shed light on our path and to help us cleanse our ways. We can find ourselves in some dirty situations when our heart gets out of control. The word of God will purify our hearts and make us better people.

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