What’s In My Cup

I have been battling to post this blog for a while now but today is the day. Someone out there needs it. May that someone find this blog. 

I’m not the average “drinker” or wine and alcohol specialist, but I’ve often heard and sometimes have used the term, “what’s in my cup stays in my cup.” It’s a way of jokingly saying mind your business when you don’t want people to know what you’re drinking, or you want them to be in suspense. Those people may have an idea that you’re drinking, but they don’t know for sure. They’ll most likely assume it’s something really “strong.”
As silly and simple as that phrase sounds, it can leave an unwanted lingering trace of curiosity in someone’s mind. 

You all know my mind couldn’t simply stop there. I always have to think deeper…thanks a lot brain. As each individual goes through life, we experience many things. These things shape us into the person we become. Whether we like the sound of that or not, it’s true. 

You may have been raised in a household that doesn’t eat meat so initially when you come across a person eating curried goat or oxtails (me) then you would think they are strange. That’s ok. You might see someone who is absolutely optimistic and happy about everything that comes their way, while you may be more of a realist because your parents told you that life isn’t always peaches and roses, it gets tough. That’s also ok. That’s what makes each individual special; we are all different.

Here is where things are not ok. Someone was  physically abused or saw their mom endure physical abuse from their dad, so they grow up with trust issues. Someone else may have been abandoned or given up for adoption so now they feel like they are not worth anything. Maybe someone was lied on CONSTANTLY, so now their inner voice and defense system is gone.

There is an invisible cup that your heart carries. In instances like these, that cup is filled with rejection and lack of trust, no self worth and bitterness. These are all things that make your “drink” bitter and poisonous. You think you’re keeping it private because “What’s in your cup, stays in your cup” right? Wrong. 

Sooner or later, actions start to indicate what’s really in that cup. Time tells all things. You can differentiate a person drinking water versus a person drinking alcohol. Someone sipping on wine throughout the night or “downing” bottle after bottle of liquor soon starts to act differently. They may become more aggressive, or start laughing a lot. Some might say silly things or even vomit if it’s too much for their system to handle.

That’s exactly what happens when you drink from a bitter cup. Your actions will show what was really “in your cup.” Because of the abuse you endured, you can’t allow anyone who is willing to love you, to do so. Because of being constantly put down and humiliated, it’s hard to accept compliments or even corrections when done in love. You retaliate a lot easier than someone who doesn’t have a cup full of hurt, rejection, painful memories, anger and the list goes on.

I was like that. Until one day, I told someone “what was in my cup.” I’ve been liberated ever since. That same man is going around asking “what’s in your cup.” When He comes by, don’t only tell Him, but give it to Him. His name is Jesus. Sounds so cliche but it’s factual. He said to His Father that in-spite of how He felt, He would still drink from that bitter cup. THAT cup was full of sin. It was so bitter. So dirty and bad tasting. But he was the only one found worthy to drink it. Because He was worthy, He is still going around taking bitter drinks and giving out good ones instead. In that drink, there is love, healing , peace and everything you’ll need for repairing your heart. I don’t know who you are or where you are but I’m asking you today on God’s behalf, what’s in your cup?

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