The Personal God

It’s amazing to me how big God is. His Spirit fills the entire universe. The Bible tells us that His thoughts and His ways are so much higher than ours. They transcend our thoughts and ways. There is no way to study or figure out His mind or the way He does things. All we have to do is does work with Him and leave it alone. It’s marvels me though, how a BIG God like Him, can be so personal. By personal, I mean He makes time for everyone and is able to individuate between us! He cares about us . What other god would take the time out to create his people, then turn around and die for them because of love? What god would have billions of people and things existing at once, but still knows each name individual and EVEN how many hairs are on each head? Only our God is like that.

This took me off guard the other day. I was reading a bible plan around noon and reflecting on was it spoke about. It referred to God as our “sanctifier (Jehovah Mekkadesh)”, meaning He calls us and separates us to himself. So not only does He generally care about each and every individual who ever walked this earth, but He also goes a step further, by sanctifying them when they give their lives to Him.

It reminds me of a bride on her wedding day. No matter how many beautiful women walk into the ceremony, all the attention is on the bride. That day, she specifically wears a perfume she has never worn before. She gets a little more “dressed up and beautiful” than normal. She shops for her dress months in advance (well usually the organized ones do lol). She fixes her hair in a style she probably wouldn’t going to the gym or on the street. She is dressed in white. All of these things solely point her out as namely, the bride.

Well God sees us as that bride. The world also sees us as the bride as well. You may not have a white dress on, a ring, or may not even be “done up” as a bride would, but you are distinctive to the worlds eye. Your presence and your characteristics are louder than the clothes you wear. The way you carry yourself tells them you aren’t “on the market.” Why? Because God sanctified you. He made you different. Maybe you can’t even understand why you’re different. Well that same BIG God whose ways we can’t fathom, is the same God who knows you personally. He put you on the potter’s wheel and was spinning and shaping you into who you are now. HE did that! When you  talk to that BIG God the next time, thank Him. Thank Him for being personal and tending to you one on one. Thank Him for being intentional when it comes to blessing you. Thank Him for seeing you as His bride.


  1. Shev says:

    Thank you for this blog post! I always love the analogy with the bride and wedding day. God is our sanctifier and I’m encouraged to know Him more personally!


    1. God is awesome, I’m so glad this helped! It’s a beautiful feeling knowing that God considers us as His bride. He is such a loving God!


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