ONE Touch

I have a decent tolerance level when it comes to pain. I can bear it, but I don’t like feeling it. Whether back pain or stomach pain, headache–just about any pain, I hate it. Then again, who ever really “likes” the feeling of pain? 

Some people are able to endure pain until it’s gone while others may take a painkiller to rid it right away. Either way, we are all hoping that the pain will go away. I’m the type to take a pill to get rid of the pain. But what really does a pill do? Does it rid the actual problem or does it only temporarily subside the effect (pain)?

Have you ever had pain and took a painkiller hoping it would rid the problem, but as soon as it wears off you feel pain again? Yea, me too. So here’s a little pharmaceutical knowledge I gained in college: the painkiller’s purpose is to silence the “sensation of pain” for an extended period of time. These painkillers are also known as analgesics. When the analgesic wears off, your pain receptors start to realize that the pain is there and sends signals to your nervous system. You then begin to react because you feel the pain again. Even though there was an analgesic effect on the pain receptors, the analgesic didn’t actually “fix” the problem. For that reason, the pain may come again. In some cases, there isn’t always an easy way to attack the source of a situation. However, in most cases, there is a way. For example, catching salmonella. You may need fluids and an antibiotic to kill the microorganism causing the illness and eventually the pain.

Where are you even going with this De’Shanti? Until we fully heal from what’s causing pain, it will always come back. In regards to our spiritual life, God’s power is the only thing that can attack the source and the pain we feel from it. His touch alone makes a difference. Maybe you aren’t feeling physical pain, but did you know that you can spiritually, emotionally, and mentally feel pain? Pains like rejection, pain of neglect, pain of verbal and physical abuse, pain of anger, pain from bitter memories and so much more. It is time for healing. If God did it in my life, I know He can do it for you. He can do it with just one touch. When it’s all said and done, God would have not only taken away the pain, but He would also take away the underlying cause. What do I mean by that? Well for example. There may be a person who hates every authoritative male figure that comes in his/her life, whether it’s the doctor, teacher, uncle, boss or principal, because their own father was severely abusive, verbally and physically. Can you see how that can cause a snowball effect? One thing connects to the other. God can take away that pain, by allowing that person to face the source (their father) and dealing with it there. Maybe that person can’t face their father because he is in jail, or dead. He can take you in and be the father that you didn’t have. He can take those pains. In fact, He already did. God took FULL responsibility for the sins of every man who ever lived on earth and those who will come in the future. He bore the sins of that abusive father. Now all He wants is your healing. And let me say this, God allows us to go through pain for us to realize that HE alone is our healer. He also will let your situation help someone else along the way. Even if we suffer after all of it is over, He still gets glory. We are not exempt from suffering, because God didn’t even spare essentially HIMSELF (Jesus). He suffered by dying for our sins, and suffers everyday from us rejecting Him. Yet He still loves us and He is still sovereign.

With one touch from Jesus, your life could change forever. What pain have you been tolerating for just too long? Have you said to yourself, “I can bear this, I’m used to the weight of my pains”? Take my advice, start your healing process today. It takes only one touch. Open your heart to the Lord. He is the only God that promises love and care to his people. There’s an old hymn called Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer that says “With a sympathizing heart, He removes every care.” He’s a merciful God. Believe when you call on His name.


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