Today is the day I’m supposed to be burying my grandfather. He died a few weeks ago in Jamaica. Unfortunately, with all the craziness going on concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, I am not able to travel to Jamaica. I am sad, but to be honest, I’m not extremely downhearted or somber about the situation. My grandfather and I didn’t have the relationship that I wish we did. We were not close. The hardest part of this for me was seeing my mom the way she was. She lost her DAD! Though they may not have been on the same page sometimes, he was still her dad!

When you have a relationship with someone, their life means much more to you than when you don’t have a relationship. That’s why if one wants to be a true follower of Jesus, they should develop a relationship with Him and follow Him whole heartedly. True Christians value Jesus’s life and death because they have a relationship with Him. If you think about it, we’ve never physically met Jesus in flesh, but we get so emotional thinking about His death. We appreciate all He did in his life. Why? Because we can develop our connection with Him through the word of God and through the HolySpirit. We get upset when people talk negatively of Him or dismiss the idea of His existence BECAUSE we KNOW Him. When you know someone, you can defend them. You can talk on their behalf. You can say what the individual would do and what they wouldn’t do.

At my bridal shower, my bridesmaids hosted a game. In the game, they asked questions about things I liked and disliked; about my favorite color and my favorite food. Even though I knew everyone at the bridal shower, and I knew they all meant me well, not everyone knew those little details about me. You can know and love someone and not have a relationship with them.

If there was some way I could go back and change my relationship with my grandpa, I would. We never had an issue, he just wasn’t in my life. What matters now is cherishing the ones you love and still have life. Even if people don’t always reach out and do their part, we should try to do ours. The most important relationship however, is the one you have with Jesus. That is the only relationship that can continue in the life after this. No matter how much we love people, we won’t always be with them. That’s why we should love and appreciate them while we have them. However, Jesus will be with us forever (if we live a righteous life) and will know exactly who we are even after we put on immortal bodies. I encourage you, develop your relationship with Him. If you don’t have one, start today. He is the best friend, guide, comfort, father that anyone could ever have. Im not saying that because I know of Him, Im saying that because I have a relationship with Him. He knows you, but do you know Him?



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