Watch and Pray

I have a few friends that serve in the military–one who I am really close with–and I always admire her drive. Just the process of getting into the military alone can be strenuous mentally and physically, so I can just imagine when training is over and they are in full fledged action. They not only have to be fighting through a battle for themselves, but they have to look out for their fellow soldiers as well. They have to always be aware of their enemies. I would imagine it takes focus and the skill of multi tasking to be an effective soldier.

There’s a story in the bible (Judges 7) that deals with effective soldiers and non effective ones. God called a man named Gideon to lead His people out of their imprisonment/slavery from a wicked nation called the Midianites. God gave Gideon specific instructions on how to pick the best soldiers. First, God told Gideon to dismiss majority of the men because there were too many. God knew that if they were to win the battle, they would take all the credit for themselves and wouldn’t acknowledge God. Then He told Gideon to bring the selective few down to the river and divide them into 2 groups. The ones who cupped the water in their hands and lapped it (like a dog) were put in one group. The others who put their face straight down to the water, were put in another group. LOOK AT THIS CLOSELY…the men kneeling down with their face directly to the water, were only thinking of themselves. They were thirsty and went face down in the waters.  The other men, however, drank from their hands while STILL looking up. They were not only drinking, but they were alert at all times. There were only 300 of these men. They started with 32,000 men initially, and God narrowed it down to 300 genuine soldiers, who drank and WATCHED!

Where am I going with this? If you have dedicated your life to God fully to be a true soldier, you have to watch AND pray! It’s time to multi task. Too long we as soldiers are praying but not WATCHING. Can you discern/ understand the times we are living in? BE ALERT! God told me in the beginning of this year, that it’s time to be aware. This is an awareness time! Don’t pray in vein, KEEP Your spiritual eyes open. More times than not, God is showing us things. Are we aware? Are we watching? It’s not the time to be concerned about OURSELVES! It’s not the time to have our face down to the waters. We have to be watching. Looking out for our other soldiers. Looking at the news. Looking in the bible, looking at ISRAEL! What is going on in Israel? Where are we? Direct your prayers to your leaders, to the ones in office that they will make the right decisions. Pray for those that are starving. Pray for countries like Italy, whose having a hard time. Pray for your brothers and sisters who are not saved! The Lord is at hand.

Even though God says that no one knows the day nor the hour of when He will come, He does give us signs. Are we watching? Matthew 24 and 25 gives us signs about the rapture AND the second coming of Jesus to earth. It talks about all we need to know for this time. We have to get into the word of God. Colossians 4:2 says “Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving;” While your watching pray. One doesn’t go without the other. Some are watching too much but not praying. What good does that do? You will only get worried. It’s time to pray! Be encouraged. We are going to be ok. That’s what the word says. As long as we do our part. Remember, we won’t be here on earth forever. There is more to our hope, than this life.


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