2020 Vision

We are coming to the end of the first quarter of the year. March ends the first quarter and April begins the second one. So far, it has been an eventful year in both good ways and bad. Earthquakes, deaths, sickness outbreaks, countries shutting down and so much more; this is ONLY the first quarter! But do you still have your vision?

Last year was a year full of ups and downs. By November, most people were over the year and were eagerly yearning the new one to come. “2020 VISION” became the slogan. Every one was so happy and motivated to start the year; to have clear vision of their goals and to accomplish them. Then all of a sudden, our vision started to get cloudy. Deaths that shock the world, and more important now, a virus that is spreading across the world. Countries all over are shutting down, travel is ceasing, people are being “laid off” and out of jobs.

Now most people are ready to end the year before even starting it. Don’t give up! God is with us. One’s vision being clouded doesn’t make the object in view actually disappear. It only looks that way because of our faulty vision. EVEN if we cant see it, we know it’s there.

In this time when most people are home, let’s use the opportunity to get closer to God. Let’s begin to PRAY! If you’re not home, still pray! Soon the smoke will clear. And EVEN if the smoke comes again, the end result is still there!

God’s promise is still as true as it was the day He stated it through Jeremiah to Israel; “I know the thoughts that I think towards you. Thoughts of PEACE and not of evil. To give you an EXPECTED END” There is an expected end! You see, the Children of Israel as a nation, were disobedient to God. They didn’t listen to His commands. So they God taken into slavery for 70 years. Some of them got discouraged as time went on. There were false prophets lying to them saying “God said” when he didn’t. So God had to tell them to be content where they are. EVEN if they are in an evil land. God said to them, get married and have children. Build homes and be at peace, because you have to go through this situation, but I’m with you. Relax! Then he says to them, that He knows his plans he has for them. There will be the expected end!

Even when the good citizens of Israel had to suffer for the bad, by being taken into slavery to the Babylonians, God protected His children. Daniel had favor with God. He still was thrown in a den of lions but he wasn’t touched. The 3 Hebrew boys were thrown in fire…FIRE! But the bible says that not even one of them were hurt.

Even though your eyes are clouded right now, fight your way through! Your end goal is UNTOUCHED. God knows what plans he has for you. And He will give you your goal! Stay Focused! Read Jeremiah chapter 29 from verse 1-14! Be blessed


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