Stop Worrying

Every day in life is unique to the one before. We get new opportunities, see new faces, explore new ideas, and so much more. However, we are also faced with obstacles, new challenges, and new trials to go through. We can all say that we have experienced both the good and bad in life in some way or form. I also think it is safe to say that most if not all people dislike challenges. We don’t like feeling “uncomfortable” in trials.

For a long time, it was not for me to face a situation that I am not in control of. It still can be hard sometimes. I didn’t like that I couldn’t “solve the problem” right away or at all. But this is where faith in God comes in. When we pray and ask God to take control, He will take control and give us the victory. We have to just let go and trust that God knows exactly what He is doing.

Even if you aren’t personally facing anything right now, all that’s going on in the world is enough to stress someone out. I’m honestly not caught up in the drama of COVID-19 because I personally wash my hands and try never to touch my face. I also follow up with legitimate news. However, yesterday I was a little taken  back when I saw the way people were acting in the grocery stores because of the corona virus.  There I was, casually doing my usual shopping and people were just going crazy in the stores. There were no shopping carts left. Someone got upset about another person trying to cut the line. Others got upset because certain products ran out. I picked up a few things and I was in there for an hr. In situations like these where viruses or diseases become “pandemic”, it can cause a scare because we don’t have control of it. Yes, we can protect ourselves and family, but we can’t control how everyone in the world conducts their lives. This is why we need to stop worrying. Contrary to what the nation believes, we shouldn’t be worried when we are in Christ. We know that He promised to take care of His children if they obey Him. So if God is in control, why are we worrying?

God says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 from the bible, “If my people,which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and PRAY, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” God is literally saying here (pray, and I will heal your land). If ever a time we need to pray, is now. Even though God gave us free will to enjoy the land and enjoy life, we also have an assignment to pray. Pray for our leaders, pray for health, pray for peace, pray for your brothers and sisters all over the world, PRAY. The only thing that can fill the void of of worrying is prayer. We don’t want “worrying” to fill that place because worrying has the power to put you into a state of depression and isolation. Opposite to that, prayer has the power to bring you into victory and give you strength and joy. It is the sweetest feeling in the world to have hope in God. When you pray, your hope with grow. Even as I am writing this blog, I can feel the joy of the Lord inside of me.

Jesus says in St John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled”. Don’t let your heart be troubled with whats going on around you. He promises that He is going away to prepare a place for us where know sickness or heart ache is. We will physically be with Him forever. This earth isn’t your final place of rest. That is what the bible says. Even though you will be comforted and protected by the Lord on earth, there is a place that is so much better and God is preparing it for you! Be encouraged! Paul also reminds us not to worry, but to pray and make our request known to God. Know that God’s wish for you is to be happy. He is covering you, just trust Him.




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