You are Valuable

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Every morning at 5 am, a set of people from my church get up to pray on our conference line. We pray for and hour, but in the midst of the hour, someone exhorts or gives a word of encouragement. This morning, I was asked to do it. The lesson was from Luke 15:1-7. The scripture tells us that Jesus was sitting with “publicans” (tax-collectors), and sinners. When the Pharisees (an ancient Jewish sect) saw Jesus, they started to criticize him under their breath. They were saying, “why is this man eating with sinners?” Note, they were criticizing Jesus because of who he sat with. But they didn’t realize the value in these people. Jesus answered them by saying that he cares deeply for that ONE lost sheep so much, that he will leave the 99 that are safe, just to go look for one. They couldn’t understand why Jesus sat with sinners, but essentially Jesus was trying to win the soul of those that were lost.

Have you ever been in a place that you felt far from God? I’m not only talking about physical “backsliding” (stepping away from the faith), I’m talking about far from God in your mind. I’m talking about sitting front row in Sunday service, and still the farthest away from God. God is looking for YOU. God is sitting with YOU. Some people (like the pharisees) may not understand why God has a special love for you, but it doesn’t matter. Just know, you are loved! Other people can see it. You ever wonder why you can’t get away with some things that your other friends can? I used to struggle with that. But here’s why, YOU ARE DIFFERENT.

Toba Beta once said “Value is more expensive than price”, and if you examine that quote, it is true.When you value something, you don’t care what price you have to pay to get it. That’s why Jesus was willing to die for you. Because the price He had to pay was nothing compared to the way He valued YOU. He loves you that much. Think about that the next time you doubt how valuable you are.

Resumes are not the only thing that portray our value. Jesus’s precious blood that still runs today is proof that you are Valuable. You are so valuable, that God HIMSELF died for you.



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