Dear Younger Me


Its amazing how time flies so quickly. At one point you were playing with your friends in kindergarten. The next moment, you’re studying for a final in college. Nothing stays the same forever. Life goes on. But let’s think back–how many times did we make decisions that we regret? How many times do we make mistakes even in the present? And how many times do we hate ourselves for the past mistakes we’ve made? I am guilty.

I’ll admit, I made a lot of mistakes and sometimes I look back and wonder why I did. But to be honest, mistakes are lessons for us. We learn from them. As children, we are ignorant to the pain, danger, consequences and effects that our mistakes can cause. So we do dumb things. Sometimes we may even hurt others along the way, but you know what? Push forward. Stop beating up yourself.

One of our worst enemies can be our own self. Even though something happened 10 years ago, we still refuse to forgive ourselves. If you needed to hear this, then listen clearly (or read in this case): FORGIVE YOURSELF. If God forgave you the moment you asked for it, why wouldn’t you forgive your own self 10 years later? Just think about it. Even if you didn’t do something MAJOR to forgive yourself for, what about the small things? What about simply being hard on yourself? “I wish I was stronger” or “I wish I did something about it.” What are you condemning your younger self for? What is that thing that you struggle with?

Here’s what we should do. We should write a letter to our self. You don’t have to literally write out a letter, but take some time to talk to your “younger you.” Instead of bashing, thank your younger you. Believe it or not, your younger “you” prepared you for the person you are today. Every joy, hurt, pain, happiness and mistake all prepared you for where you are and where you are going. Your younger you teaches you lessons you can teach others.

Dear younger me, I forgive you for lying and stealing. I forgive you for not taking more time to heal. I wish you would’ve done more things for yourself but I’m doing it now. I forgive you for making the mistake of opening up your heart to toxic people. I forgive you for all the years of damage you’ve caused, and I am sorry for all the damaged that was done to YOU. I thank you for teaching me to get back up again. I thank you for teaching me that I am worth more than I thought I was. I thank you for making the mistakes that led me to a beautiful road. Thank you for the emptiness you felt, because Jesus is now filling that place. Thank you for your zeal to serve God! Thank you for your innocence. I thank you for allowing yourself to grow into to the beautiful woman/man that you now are. You are great! You did well! I love you “Younger ME.”


  1. Marenda says:

    This is a nice letter. There are quiet some in the reflecting on the younger me that I once was. Well done

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PeaceForThought says:

    Awesome! To God be the glory. Thanks for commenting. God bless you.


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