If you are reading this blog. You are blessed! You are ALIVE! That in it self is a blessing. Let’s stop in this moment to say “thank you Jesus.” If you are alive, that means you still have a purpose on this earth. You are valuable to God and to life because you have purpose. It’s my deepest desire that each and every one of you find what that purpose is. And let me be clear, it can be more than one thing.

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Unfortunately, sometimes the devil sees how valuable we are, more than we even see ourselves. So his plan is simple, he will do everything to distract us. A distraction is anything that takes your focus off of your task. For example, you may be going to school for a career you’ve always dreamed about doing. What the devil will do is allow you to take your focus off the end goal, and see the stress of studying, the load of homework, long essays, empty bank account, friends having fun without you, sleepless nights, and then all of a sudden you start to go backwards. Don’t get me wrong, those are huge distractions, but no distraction is ever as big as the value of your END GOAL.  Stay focused!

Distractions come in big and small sizes. Wanna know the truth? The devil hates us so much, that every chance he gets, he will try to distract us. In both big instances and in small. Maybe you were trying to clean the house, and all of a sudden, you’re tired, you got a phone call, or you started watching a TV show. Here’s one a lot of us can relate to; you pick up your bible to read, and then you get a text message or you remember you have to pay a bill. Or even worse, you  start scrolling through social media. Even bigger, maybe you are, or you know someone who is trying to give their life back to Christ. This is where the devil will really put in overtime. He will distract you with that no good boyfriend who promised to marry you “soon” and 10 years passed by. He will tell you to party as hard as you can before coming into church, or wait until you get your education. The devil is a liar! The moment you step to Christ is the moment your life changes and others too. I said in my previous post, that so many people are attached you your purpose and your “yes” to God. By you coming to Jesus, you may minister to a soul that I could never reach. That’s the power in your purpose.

If ever a time there was a need to stay focused is now! God is depending on us. He said to his disciples (and essentially us), “Greater things shall you do because I go back to my Father.” This means, since Jesus isn’t physically here on earth, He is depending on us by the power of the Holy Spirit, to do what He did. Can you imagine if Jesus got distracted? What if He got distracted by the distractions the enemy threw at Him every single day. There would be no cross. There would be no sacrifice. There would be no salvation for you and me. All of us are attached to Jesus’s fulfillment of purpose.

No matter how good life gets, there’s always a reminder that the end is near. People are dying everyday, there are wars and rumors of wars. There are numerous earthquakes, and many hearts have gotten cold. Very cold. This is not the time to get distracted because our ULTIMATE GOAL is to get to Heaven. The devil’s biggest task is to let us end up where he is going; HELL. I encourage you my brothers and sisters, stay focused! Greater is ahead.

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