Intimacy with God

This past weekend, I went away with my church for a retreat in Litchfield, CT. A retreat is when you get away from everything. A spiritual or church retreat is when you get away from everything to get closer to God. It’s a place of unwinding.

Saturday, the guest speaker spoke about being intimate with God and waiting on Him. I didn’t realize how long I’d gone without spending intimate time with God. The preachers lesson came from Psalms 91; the psalms about dwelling or staying in God’s Secret place. He was adamant about the importance of being in God’s presence; about how much joy and peace there is and how much power you receive after staying there for a while.

I have to admit, I was broken in that sermon, because I started to miss my intimacy with God. The funny thing is, I was fasting for the retreat and running around doing things. I was not only  preparing for retreat, but I was working, preparing lessons, mentoring teens, doing wife duties, working on CE courses and tending to other programs that I work in. Sounds good right? Not really. Too bad that after all of that, I missed out on good time with Jesus.

I felt like Martha in the Bible. She was so busy worrying about preparing a meal for Jesus and others, that she missed out on what Mary (her sister) was getting: quality time with Jesus. She even got upset with Mary, but Jesus quickly corrected her telling her that Mary is receiving the better part.

The preacher went on to say that “we get so busy doing the work of the Lord, that we don’t remember the Lord of the work.”

How many times have you got caught up with other tasks besides spending time with God? I know it’s not intentional, but are you aware of it? Let’s try our best as princes and princesses of King Jesus to spend time with Him. He delights in it. Just like how any husband or wife would want their spouse to make time for them, that’s how Jesus feels. That’s how we should feel too.

God loves when we are intentional about personal time with Him. He honors you when you take time out of your schedule to pray to Him. Let’s do it together. We won’t regret it.


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