Self Control

Self control; this is a big one! It’s something that I fight to maintain everyday. Self control is a wide topic to talk about but very important. We need it in all areas of our life; eating habits, money spending, expressions/reactions, the amount of time spent on things and so much more. Having self control is having the ability to restrain yourself from a desire or action even if you want to do that action.

Today while I was at work, God spoke to me in the simplest way. I had a new patient who came for treatment. She brought her 5 year old daughter with her. In my room, I have a little prize box for kids who get cleanings. My patient’s daughter saw the box and immediately ran to it. She wasn’t supposed to get a toy, but I allowed her to because she really wanted one. During her mom’s cleaning, she would get up and get more toys and put them in her bag. Her mom saw her and told her to stop, but the minute her mom’s eyes closed, she went right back to the box. Naturally, I was annoyed because not only was she not supposed to get a toy but she kept going back for more. I gave her the “look.” That look that my mom used to give when I acted up in public. I stared her down so long, (which I thought was hilarious because she looked so confused) that her cheeks got red! I tried so hard not to laugh.

In that moment, God started to show me how we as adults can act just like that 5 year old. We see those heels in Macy’s (girl, don’t lie), or that cute bag and we can’t resist. Then we pass by Foot Locker and see those sneakers and pass by subway 10 minutes later for a $5 dollar foot long when we have food home. Then when rent is due or we need gas money, and we pray for God to send the money…really?

How about the mouth? Are you one to quickly blurt something out without thinking? Do you speak or react when you are angry? You may not have a money spending issue, but what about the tongue? Can it be tamed? Don’t get me wrong, its hard not to react sometimes, but that’s where self control comes in.

How about those eating habits? Are we eating fast food every other day when we have 3 weddings to attend this year (talking to my self in this one lol)? Are you snacking on Doritos and Gatorade at 3 in the morning? How much water are you drinking?

Time management is a notorious one that people lack. How much time do we spend on social media, or on video games? It’s all about self control. Nothing’s wrong with either of the two, just try getting in the habit of doing it in moderation.

These are all areas in my life where I have struggled and still trying to pay attention to. We all do it; you’re not alone. For us to be successful in life and in our christian walk, we need self control. God has to be able to trust us. We can’t be stewards over things if we lack self control. Sometimes God want’s to bless us in BIG ways! Lets prove to God that we are accountable and that He can trust us even with the small things. Sometimes it takes hard work. A friend of mine says “No rest for the weary” (You’re welcome Aljoe)! However, the results are rewarding!


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