The Power of Prayer

I have been a church girl all of my life. You would probably even think I was born in the church. My mom brought me to every service that church held. However, I never became a true christian until about the age of 12. I dedicated my life to God at age 8 by repenting and being baptized in Jesus’s name. I had a hunger for Him. I started to seek Him when I was 12. Ever since then, I’ve developed a true relationship with Christ. I’ve built that relationship through prayer.

Has there ever been a time in your life where you felt an urgency to pray? I’m not just talking about the usual morning prayer, but that moment where you had to stop everything you were doing to pray. I had moments like that a good amount of times in my life. Sometimes God will give you that push to pray because someone’s life is depending on it. I remember one night a few years ago I was going to my bed. I tossed and turned but I just couldn’t sleep. I was talking to my fiance on the phone at the time. The moment I started dosing off, I heard my mom scream out. I thought she had a nightmare but she kept going. That was a different scream. I’ve never heard her like that before. When I went in the room, she was holding her chest and looking like she couldn’t breathe. She had a cyanotic/pale look. I was so scared. I immediately grabbed her and began to pray. My mom’s friend was there as well so she came upstairs and we started to PRAY! It had been a while that I prayed like that. We called the ambulance and when they took her, I threw my clothes on so quick. I forgot what time of night it was. I remember them bringing her in the ER and stripping her top off to read her heart waves. This pain was so intense that they gave her morphine and EVEN THAT didn’t help. All my medical people know how potent morphine is. She was crying and screaming so loud. Everything was happening so fast. I thought I was going to lose my mom that night. At that moment I didn’t care who was looking at me in that emergency room, I began to PRAY! Tears were streaming down my face but all I could do was scream the name of Jesus! I felt a peace come over me because I knew everything was going to be OK. We called all the praying people we knew we could get at 3 AM. They all began to pray. The doctors ran all sorts of tests on her and found nothing wrong with her heart. She was healthy. I knew this was a spiritual attack because just 5 days before that, I was in the hospital! Everyone around me was being attacked. But when you get to that place in God through prayer, things HAVE to change!

The devil knows the amount of power that lies in prayer, that he tries to stop us from praying. We get tired, or distracted. Sometimes we simply can’t find the words to say, but push! Push yourself to develop a prayer life with God. It really changes our life for the better.

In the bible we see many instances of how powerful prayer is. In the book of Daniel, king Darius put a decree out that everyone should stop praying to their god for 30 days. Even though the decree was made, Daniel STILL prayed. He knew the importance and power of prayer. When Daniel was thrown in the lions den, he didn’t have to worry. All those prayers that went up, were a covering. The power of God covered him there because he prayed. Another instance is when Jesus left everyone to be in prayer. Even though, He was God in the flesh, He stilled prayed. He prayed in the hours people were still sleeping. Later on in the day when his disciples were asked to cast out a demon and they couldn’t, Jesus explained that certain kinds of things can’t be done without fasting and prayer. Jesus was easily able to cast of the demon.

I’m encouraging you today to keep your prayer life strong. Prayer in your heart, pray out loud. Pray with your eyes closed, pray while driving to work. Whatever way you choose and whatever chance you get, PRAY!

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