The Value of “Nothing”

It’s Tuesday! Here’s another blog post. It’s been really slow at my job so I was able to take a break…a really long break. Today when I came in, I had no patients. Three slots of time were vacant. At first I was upset because not only was I at work doing nothing, but I wasn’t getting paid. I decided that I would take the 3 hr gap I had (excluding lunch break)  and find a place in Stamford that I can go to “sightsee.” Might as well right? Since I’m doing nothing.

Around 12pm I started to pray. I’ve been trying to keep the hrs of 6am and 12pm dedicated to prayer…even though I’m still a little shaky with the 6am (just being honest). So at 12pm, I started to pray and there was nothing. I mean I prayed what I usually pray but that was it.   When I got to my destination (Cove Island/Park) I parked the car and reached for my Bible. I opened the Word and began to read Psalms 33. My Church is on a week on fasting and prayer. Last night in our prayer service, we read scriptures from psalms out loud, to worship God and encourage ourselves. This is why I picked up my Bible when I had nothing to say.  Today, when I got to verse 4 of Psalms 33, I was really amazed. Have you ever read something over and over but on a particular day, that same thing stands out to you? The scripture said “For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth.”  Right away I began to tell God about how true His words are. As I prayed, those words began coming alive in my spirit. Then verse 6 of that same scripture says, “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.” Wow! Only by God’s word and breath was the heavens made. There is so much power in His word. I started to worship God and immediately my heart’s posture changed. I began to cry because God has been so merciful to his people even when he has power to wipe us off this earth. In just a faint whisper of His voice, there’s so much power. When there was “nothing”, He spoke “something” into existence. By His word, heaven and earth were formed. The void and emptiness that “nothing carries” can be filled in an instant by the powerful words of God.
Since had “nothing” to do for those three hours, I was able to pick up Gods word. When I had “nothing” to say in prayer, God’s word had more meaning to me. While writing this blog, I remembered a preacher who came to our church and preached on the value of nothing. That’s where my title came from.

Sometimes it’s good to have nothing; “nothing to do” or “nothing to say.” Sometimes it’s good to have “nothing” in your bank account or no resource. God becomes our source when all our resources are done. God’s word means “something” when there is nothing.

You may feel empty or feel like there’s nothing good going on in your life. Maybe you want to get closer to God, but you feel far away. You have no fire or zeal anymore. Be encouraged, because in your “nothingness” you will find God.

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