Going in The Deep

Something you’ll realize with me is that I learn a lot through my dreams. I believe that most times, it’s God’s way of speaking to me. Other times, I might just be eating too late…but this particular dream I am about to share, had a significant meaning. In the dream, I was in a car with one of my friends. There was a big group of us so we decided to split up into about 5 cars. I was in the front but I didn’t know the way, so I tried pulling to the side for my friends to pass me and lead the way. Oddly though, I didn’t see them. All of a sudden, the car that we were in started driving full speed by itself, right onto a ship! Now you might be thinking, “she was definitely eating late”, but the dream is going somewhere. When my friend and I got on the ship, we were thinking of turning back, but there was a big crowd of people behind us and it was hard to get off. I remember hearing a man speak as though he was the tour guide. He said “if you look to the left, you will see men building”. When I looked to the left, there were men doing construction (but we were still in the sea). Then the tour guide said “if you look to your right, you will see men sitting on the shore.” When I looked to the right, there were five bright colored canoe boats with a lot of people sitting in them. When they saw everyone on the ship looking, they all waved. They looked so comfortable and relaxed. Then I woke up.

As complex as this dream was, it had a clear significance. The friends that I waited for to lead the way were not going in the same direction as I was. I wanted to follow them, but I was destined to go in another direction. This represents many of us that God is calling. We often want to go the way our friends are going, but that isn’t what God wants. When my friend and I got on the boat and the tour guide told us to look to the left, we saw men building and working hard. They were in the deep. Those men represent the people who are willing to work and be uncomfortable while building God’s kingdom, or just simply being successful because they went deeper. They had construction builders’ clothes on. The men on the right however, were in beautifully colored Canoes and very relaxed just watching as our ship passed by. These people represent people who are comfortable with where their lives are. They don’t want to live above their means. They don’t want to try harder. Most importantly, they don’t want to know God on a deeper level.  So who are you right now? Who do you want to be. I know that I really want to be the one building and lauching into the deep.

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  1. Mellessa K Young says:

    Amen so true thanks for sharing

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