6 things Ive learned by 26

Hey family! I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been away for a time but I want to share some things I’ve learned in the time.


When someone is dealing with an issue or celebrating a win, and starts telling you, it’s best to listen to them. And I mean really HEAR what they are saying. Sometimes your social cues in the conversation are not all it takes for them to know you care. For example, eye contact, nodding your heading, facial expressions, lessening your distractions while they talk. There are times when they need something more; give them advice/congratulate them without bringing in YOU in the equation.


You can apply this to any mountain of influence in for life (family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business [finance, economy] and government). When you invest in something, you take time to care for, water, replenish, pour into it. Don’t just speak love, but take time for your family & loved ones. Do physical financial investments and watch your money grow, not just sit (that’s for another blog post.) Invest in your walk with your God (spiritual wellness). Jesus wants to be apart of everything you do in life. Which leads me to my next lesson.


This was the most recent lesson. In every thing you do, put God in it. You tend to be more successful that way. Whats the sense of building on a foundation that has no stability? That’s what we do when we take things into our hands. Would you want to build a house from the ground up and by the time you get to the roof, you realize that the foundation is poor?


No matter what your position in life is, you need breaks. With a regular 9-5 job, by law you should be given a break by your employer. So in any area of your life, this same principle should apply. If you want to be successful at any task, you have to step back, regroup and come back again.


This was a tough one for me honestly. I can be so forgiving with others and be hard on myself. I don’t like feeling as though I have failed someone or at something. But I’ve also learned that if I stay down in the slumps, ill go deeper and deeper in that hole. The quicker I took to dust myself off and get up again, the faster or easier the test became. My 10 month old daughter is learning to walk. If she fell and decided never to get up again because she failed, she would never walk.


I’d say this is the most personal and ongoing lesson I’m learning. I’ve always hated confrontation. I’ve seen in some instances where it broke relationships. However, I’ve learned that the lack of confronting an issue can make matters even worse. It’s like not even trying. This week alone I had a situation going on at my job that made me very frustrated. I usually am good at hiding how I feel. However, It was the end of another busy work day. I had one more patient for the day and I told myself I can hold it and just keep moving. however, the HolySpirit told me to go address the issue in the moment. So I spoke to all the individuals I needed to. They all understood my frustration and apologized. It made everything so much better. Don’t be afraid to respectfully speak on what you are feeling, to avoid confusion.

Was that helpful? I hope so! May this next chapter in your life be a full and productive one

Love, Shanti ❤


The Good Father: This Is Love

Yesterday was my first day back to work since having my baby girl. I wasn’t supposed to go back so soon, but another office (not my normal work office) needed help. I figured since Ted is off and both our parents are free, I could go help. I honestly don’t think I was as ready as I had made myself to believe. Nevertheless, the work day was good and I came home. I had set a goal for myself to come home, finish editing some content, and tend to my baby. However, things don’t always go as planned.

Janelle (my baby) had been trying to poop since Saturday and was having a hard time. I know… TMI, but I’m going somewhere with this. When I came home she had just finished eating. When I had asked the infamous and redundant question, I just got a disappointing no.

Later on in the night as I was editing content, my husband fell asleep on me and Janelle was in my arms fast asleep. I took that picture and thought to myself “wow I’m officially in motherhood.” A deep surge of emotion came over me. I thought that was it. I couldn’t be more in love than this. Little did I know, I would have another incredible moment a few hrs later.

So currently fam, it is 3:30 in the morning. Like I mentioned before, Janelle had been constipated since late Saturday. We had tried every method expect for one I was running from because of my own mommy fears. But finally, I pulled up my big girl socks and did it. I dosed off, but I remember breastfeeding around 2am and hearing Janelle start to poop. Immediately my husband jumped up because this is the moment we were waiting for! I can’t believe I’m saying this lol! We were so happy over poop 🤣.

Although she was pooping she was clearly in discomfort. Janelle isn’t a fussy baby at all. So to see her squirming and crying broke my heart. I lost all the sleep in my eyes. At that moment, Tenoy and I went into parent mode and did everything we could to help our baby girl. Even though it hurt me to see her like that, I felt a deep love and needed to do my best to help her.

This reminds me of Jesus. We know He loves us regardless of good or bad times. But in the bad times, He’s able to do a little bit more. He said in our weakness, His strength is perfect. Meaning when we are weak, we can rely on His strength. When we are in trouble and cry out to our God, He tries His best to put us at ease. Gods love for you is so deep. He has a parental love for all His children.

He loves the 3:30 am moments in our lives when we NEED Him. He loves when He gets to wrap His arms around us. I’m here to tell you this morning that Jesus loves you. He’s here to set you free. Just trust Him. Let Him have His way.

Safe in the Storm

Hey guys! I’m back…again! I think this is my first blog as a MOM! Omg is this real??? Yes, I had baby Janelle and I’m so in love with her 😍. Let me not drift off. That’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Yesterday was one of those much needed “Me” days. I was able to get away to the beach and just meditate on the word of God. I love doing this because sometimes our world gets too loud and we miss out on God’s still small voice.

While I was there, I was studying about the significance of an anchor in a storm. Even though I knew the purpose of an anchor, I never fully understood its function. I found out that an anchor’s main purpose is to use its fluke to hook to the sea bed. The weight of the anchor isn’t as important as it’s ability to hook to something and stabilize the ship.

The most interesting thing that stood out to me however, was that in the midst of a raging storm, the best thing to do is not to find your way back to shore, but to stay right there in the storm, throw out your anchor and wait.

Let’s relate this to our lives. When we are in the deepest part of a hard situation, our first instinct sometimes is to give up. However, this is the best time to throw out the anchor. Now let’s relate the anchor to the HolySpirit. Jesus told His disciples that when He left, He would send the comforter (HolySpirit) back to earth for us to have. Another scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. (He is the middle man). It makes sense then why the Holy Spirit is related to the anchor. He anchors to the solid and unmovable rock, who is Jesus.

Can you see where I’m going with this? In trying times, the Holy Spirit becomes our only way to connect with Jesus. Let me also put this out there; God the father, son and spirit ARE ALL ONE! Only one God. But God represents many pieces to this puzzle. God is both the anchor and solid rock in the form of Jesus and Holy Spirit In the midst of a storm, you are the most safe when anchored in and to Jesus. It makes no sense running to shore.

Can you be trusted in the deep? Of course when you’re in the shallow, you can run back to shore, but you also don’t need an anchor in the shallow.

If you are in a trying situation right now, just know that you have the greatest opportunity to connect with your creator. Only in the deep can you throw out your anchor. Trust God today, this too shall pass. You are safe in this storm.

Spiritual wellness

Today while at work I thought to myself, why not take care of the “whole man” — the whole well being. I’m a dental hygienist and yearly I have to pay for my license if I want to practice legally. I have to take CE COURSES to keep up with the changes and flow of dental practice and medicine. If I profess to be Christian, why not keep up with these standards too? Read the Bible, learn and follow the trends of God’s spirit. After all, this is too apart of the whole mans’ well being. Spiritual wellness is important. No matter how you choose to feed and nurture your spirit, ultimately the Word of God is what will help you best. I’m not being bias either. Try reading a scripture a day with comprehension and see the difference it makes in your week. The Word of God is like an anchor. When life tosses you to and fro (physically mentally and spiritually), the Word of God is the anchor to keep you a float.

You Are Not Alone

Life is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes we are in a crowd filled with people who love and support us and we feel so happy. Other times we walk in that same crowd but still feel all alone. Whenever you feel like your going through just remember that you are not alone.

You’re not alone in the sense that God is always with you and He’ll never leave you or forsake you.

You’re also not alone because there are millions of people like you going through the same struggles you are going through. Theres somebody like you going through trauma and overcoming day by day. When you pray, whisper a word of prayer for someone else.

Let me tell you about my exprience

I can honestly say that only God can give you true JOY. For the past few days I had been having these heavy feelings emotionally. Not that anything was wrong but mentally I was going through. It was like the devil wanted me in a box. I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me. I even got the chance to get away for my birthday (thanks to my amazing husband).

I know these things can be mind related in regards to hormonal changes while being pregnant. Also a lot of changes are about to take place and that can take a toll of the mind. But in addition to my mental health, I felt my spiritual health being attacked. Again, even after doing the things one usually does to have mental wellness, I was still suffering somewhere. That’s where I drew the line.

I prayed the other night while in the shower. I was in tears. I just needed God’s embrace.

Around 3 or 4 am when I went on one of my many bathroom runs (pregnancy probs) this supernatural joy came over me. Literally at 3 in the morning I was wide awake full of joy! I love the irony. Usually at the darkest hour of the night, one tends to feel depressed. But God have me such a burst of energy and happiness at the darkest point of the night. I felt free. It was amazing. Anyone reading this, if you’re going through a hard situation, take some time and cry to the Lord for help. He WILL deliver! Sometimes it’ll take more than tending to your mental health. Sometimes it takes more than seeing the therapist, going away to clear the mind, meditation , etc. Im not saying these things aren’t good, but they can only take you so far. After all of that is said and done, and you still feel down what do you do? Talk to the best therapist around town. God knows everything about our lives and when we genuinely talk to Him and allow Him to talk back to us (through His word) things will turn for the better.

Deliverance doesn’t mean that the devil won’t try again to attack. However, the devil trying again to attack doesn’t mean he will prosper in it. If God is for you, who can be against you? If He is for you, YOU are NOT alone.

The Bigger Picture: Pregnancy Edition

Hey guys I know it’s been a while. A lot has gone on between now and the last post but I’ll spare the dramatics! If you don’t know by now, I’m pregnant! 🤗 It has really been a journey. Today I’m officially in my 3rd trimester so I’m on the last lap. There has been a lot of ups and downs but it’s been beautiful.

“Claimer” I’m pregnant guys! Lol I wrote that because in a post I wrote back in September last year called “7 months pregnant”, I started off the second paragraph by saying “disclaimer! I’m not pregnant guys!” I thought this would be a good segway into what I wanted to talk about. By the way, if you haven’t read that post, I recommend reading it for this post to make a little more sense.

So in a nutshell, the post discussed a spiritual or figurative pregnancy. I was 7 months pregnant in a dream I had but I wasn’t “showing”, so I doubted that I was pregnant. The dream meant that people often doubt their potential or purpose they are pregnant with because they feel as though it isn’t showing the way they’d want it to. It was a very powerful dream and that post will always be a reminder for me to push past what eyes can see and live in my purpose anyways.

In today’s post however I wanna be completely transparent about my physical pregnancy. Maybe there are women out there also expecting or women who desire to be pregnant one day. This post is for you.

Just like in my “7 months pregnant post”, I faced a lot of insecurities. On the contrary, it wasn’t about how little I was, but how “big.” I was always concerned about weight gain in the beginning because of a comments people made innocently. “Wow you’ve gained weight since last seeing you” or “your face is getting fat”. All of them I took with smiles but inside it was hard. I even did my own self defeat. “Didn’t you just eat?” Or “your not even far along yet and gaining so much weight.”

I quickly had to snap out of this habit. The truth is, whether I liked it or not, I (like any other expecting mother) would have to gain weight. It comes along with the package of pregnancy. Not to mention the other many ways your body experiences change. That’ll be another post.

It’s dangerous to fall into— and STAY into— the trap of down talking yourself, or accepting every negative word in this time. First and foremost, things are transferable. What I am about to say, many people may not believe or understand but believe me when I say, the baby can feel what you feel. Words of self defeat can transfer to your unborn baby. God corrected me on many occasions. Even past weight gain, I faced many mental attacks. Some were hormonal, but some were deeper than that. Some things I said, God had to tell me to immediately pluck those things up and out. Let me be clear, no matter how confident and and “Christian” you are, you still need God’s help and direction in order to make it through effectively.

Can I tell you something? The devil sees when there is potential. Where there is life, there is potential. Your baby is not just “your baby.” God is bringing them into the world for a reason and that’s the reason you must be so aware of what you say or accept. Don’t speak negative things over yourself or your baby. And don’t accept any and everything from people. Be sensitive spiritually. Did you know that some people feel rejection from the womb? It’s starts from there because the enemy knows that as far back in retrospect as he can take pain and brokenness, can make it harder to get full freedom.

So expecting moms, moms who have already given birth, and moms who someday will give birth, be alert! This is the time you wanna get spiritually intuned. And not just with yourself but with God! He will show you things that you’d never see on your own. It’s not too late.

Just remember, pregnancy isn’t really about you. It can be hard to take the main focus off yourself image when that’s all you’ve done your whole life. But you’re now growing a human inside of you. God is depending on you to take care of yourself in more ways than looks because this baby is dependent on it. Eat right, speak right, think and meditate on positive and good things. And remember, keep God in your pregnancy! I’ll be posting videos soon, so we’ll talk more about the subject before our baby girl gets here! You got this mama! Remember,your precious baby is the bigger picture. ❤️

I’m Busy

Have you ever had a time in your life where you felt like you could barely breathe because of how busy you were? You’re tending to work, or maybe school, along with staying up to date with your social and personal life. Maybe you’re running a business as well as keeping a house and/or family in order. Whatever you’re responsible for, there are times where we all get burned out.

I had many moments like that at the end of December and early into the new year. However last week, I experienced the flip side of that.

I had some free time in the evenings after work and I really wanted to hang out with my friends. My husband and I were planning to double date with our close friends. I was really excited since I haven’t done something like that in a while.

Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to make it a because she’s pursuing her master’s degree as a speech pathologist and she’s always loaded with homework and assignments. I honestly wouldn’t want her to miss out on her assignments or getting well deserved grades, so I understood. Her husband also had a load of work to get done, which I also understood.

The next day, I wanted to hang out with another close friend of mine, but she also was occupied with so many important responsibilities that she couldn’t avoid.

I was disappointed because I really wanted to use my free time. But then I started thinking; how many times do we disappoint God because we are “busy.” More times than not, we miss out on great opportunities because of how “busy we are.” I’m guilty big time.

That weekend I decided to go on a date with God. Sounds funny I know. I drove to the park, meditated on His Word (Bible) and talked to Him. But it really doesn’t take all of that. All He needs is time out of the day for a prayer or a moment of silence with Him.

It helped me too. I felt so much better than if I would have went out with my closest friends. And trust me, we always have a good time together, but when you’re with God, it’s a different feeling.

Following my date with God, I got to hang out with my friends and my husband. It was like I needed to not be busy for Him first..

Take some time this week to hang out with God. Do what works for you. Cry, walk, jump, exercise, pray, get away, run, etc. It makes a difference in how your week flow.

If you don’t have a relationship with Him, or may be thinking you’re the “Religious type”, just give it a try. You’ll be surprised how different you’ll feel.

Delayed, not denied

Hey family, it’s been a while. Life caught up with me, never the less I attained some interesting experiences within the time frame of my last post and now. This post in itself was delayed. Though I really can’t complain, because God has been good to me.
Going way back to November, I can attest that it was a challenging month for me mentally. There were so many delays and setbacks. Number one and most pertinent for me; my book launch. For those who don’t follow me on social media, I WROTE A BOOK called “From Daith to Favor”!! 😁😁🙌🏾. It was published mid October and was scheduled to be launched November 7th. I was nervous but completely excited because that weight would be off my chest. When November came however, the publishing company I worked with, made me aware that my book wouldn’t be ready by then. I was disappointed at first because I built with the pandemic going on, I wasn’t sure if there would be a lock down again and I wanted to have a book launch. The date that I proposed to reschedule it for ended up not working either. The day before I had to cancel it again.

Another thing that was delayed was me getting my car. My old car was going (that was my fault I must confess), and I needed one for work. Throughout the month of November, I had to get rides to work or borrow others’ cars. I was frustrated because I hate to inconvenience people.
throughout all of this (other things happened in November) God showed me that things being delayed are not “ NOs” from Him. It doesn’t mean we won’t get it. In fact we KNOW we will. But we can’t see how. As people who God created to have dominion, it’s against our human nature to feel like we have no control. I know that sounds a little arrogant but perpend it. He made us to have dominion, but sin messed that up. But from eden until now, we have never lost the sensation of wanting to have control over our lives.

More prominent than the temporal delays I experienced, were the spiritual ones. Not hearing God right away can be frustrating, but He isn’t always denying you in silence. Sometimes he’s watching you and observing what you will do next.

To anyone reading this and you feel like you are getting no where; maybe you are looking for a job, a car, house, promotion, or even your purpose. Guess what, delays is not denial. Your answer is on the way. Soon it will make sense.

Fast forward to the first day of 2021. I am revisiting this post that I started writing early December. I’m just reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned throughout November and December. I can honestly say that through these didactic experiences, delay isn’t denial. I’ve experienced something absolutely beautiful at the end of the year that was worth the “delay” and I’ll tell you exactly what i mean in future posts 😉! Will you come with me through this blog journey of 2021?

Let’s say this in this here year of 2021, delay is not denied!


Last night, my husband and I were talking about a night out a few weeks back. We went out for our friend’s birthday for bowling (shout out to Aldaine lol). It was a large group so we split up in 3 teams. Disclaimer! I am not the best bowler, and probably not the first one you’ll want to put on your team lol. But most of my friends are great at bowling and very serious about winning too lol. That night I just happened to be on the most competitive team (a team of all men). Not to mention, the birthday boy was on my team and IS THE MOST competitive man I know lol (no offense bro 🤣). AND my husband was on my team is is also low key competitive 😂. Like why would they do that to me😂? LOL. In my head I’m thinking (I’m done for now). But I still accepted the challenge and played. During most of the first game, I got a bunch of gutter balls or hit a few pins down, but never a strike or spare. I felt so much pressure because I know they’ll be watching me and they are depending on me to do my best.
It’s important to realize this; everyone in life will experience pressure at some point, we can’t change that. However, we have the power to control how we deal with it. When you feel pressure, use it for your good.

Had I kept telling myself I’ll never be good or hit one ball, or didn’t play, I would’ve never gotten better. I was shown what I was doing wrong, and I got to learn from the best (alright calm down, don’t let it get to the head if y’all are reading this lol). I also got to be the cheerleader lol because they are so used to winning that, they don’t make a sound when they are not doing their best. Sigh*, MEN! This is why a woman needs to always be on their team lol. EVEN with the worst player, we came in second place and only lost by 6 points.

On a more serious note, apply pressure for your good. If you’re at work and there is a heavy work load on you, tell yourself, “to whom much is given much is required”. Most of the time, nothing “good” in life comes easy. You have to face pressure and go through hard challenges. I’m not saying to sit there and take every punch of the devil, but when you look at things differently, it’s makes the devil confused. Has anyone ever stood behind a door you were standing in front of, and tried pushing it? They would push so hard, but if you were to move, they would go flying. That’s the how the devil goes flying when he applies pressure and you just unexpectedly move out the way. You confused him.

No one likes pressure. ONLY in this case, do I classify as that “no one” lol. Pressure often makes you feel like you can’t breathe or like you are stifling. But remember, it can always be for your good. Keep on pushing through school, through testing, through fasting, through exercising. Look at your end goal. It will be worth it in the end